22 Sept 2013

The Young Sinclairs "You Know Where To Find Me" Review

Super prolific, label hopping vintage folkrock giants the Young Sinclairs are back with their fourth release of the year, this time for US indie label Planting Seeds Records.
I was mightily impressed earlier on in the year by their "Engineer Man" / "Problems" 7'' on Paul Messis' Market Square label, and their new 7" E.P "You Know Where To Find Me" continues to show their mastery of a sound that had largely disappeared before they were even born.
Vintage sixties style folk rock with an alarmingly authentic analogue sound that will have you checking the back of the sleeve for a 1967 recording date, the four tracks on offer here (all originals) show a band with an impressive ability to evoke the music of the masters without coming across as derivative.
"You Know Where To Find Me" has a distinctive whiff of "Tommy" era Who about it, all windmilling acoustic guitars and manic drumbreaks, with a chorus that could hold it's head up proudly on "Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy".
The other three tracks here wear their influences on sleeve just as brazenly, and are so well observed (and such well written songs in their own right) that you'd have to be a right miserable bastard to make a fuss.
"Too Young" is a dramatic mersey ballad which nurses an early Beatles and Hollies fetish, "Ear To The Ground" is "Gimme Shelter" sans the apocalyptic death of the sixties vibe and "Remember This Song" is a nuggetty Seeds style number draped in lovingly applied fuzz guitar. And they're all totally brilliant.
And if you choose to plump for the digital version instead of the vinyl, you get a bonus version of Roky Erickson’s “I Have Always Been Here Before”, which you just know you want to hear.

Pre-order here.

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