23 Apr 2014

New Krzysztof Komeda Vinyl Reissues

A mysterious outfit (by mysterious I mean no website and no information that I could dig up on them) called Active Distribution Ltd (no relation) have three very interesting looking Krzysztof Komeda reissues due out on the 28th of April.

Sure, these soundtracks have seen their fair share of reissues over the years, but what makes these interesting is that they're all 7" e.ps featuring 6 tracks rather than the full soundtracks (except for Cul De Sac which has only ever been released with 6 tracks). Nice looking picture sleeves too, and a pretty good price. I reckon these will be worth grabbing quickly before they disappear.

You can pre-order them here: Rosemary's Baby, Cul De Sac, Dance of the Vampires.

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