12 Apr 2014

Ursula "A Silhouette In The Hourglass"

The latest release on the Active Listener Records label is the superb debut release from L.A based psychedelic pop duo Ursula.

"A Silhouette In The Hourglass" represents the duo's efforts to "make something that was honest, holds nothing back and isn't safe."

We were extremely impressed when we first heard it, and continued exposure has only enhanced our already high opinion of it, with plenty of subtle nuances finding their way through on repeat listens.

There are moments that evoke the murky weirdness of early Floyd, plenty of Beatlesque hooks in the choruses and most impressively of all, the raw, direct appeal of Neutral Milk Hotel's generally unreachable "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea".

Chances are good that this is the first you've heard of August Larson & Trey Findley, but with talent like theirs, you'll hear a whole lot more. Get in here on the ground floor and see where "A Silhouette In The Hourglass" takes you.

Full stream and download here - only $6 for full album download:

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