2 Apr 2014

Sky Picnic & The Green Tambourine Band New Releases

We've started the month with a couple of new releases on Active Listener Records.

Sky Picnic have put together an entry in the Active Listener Introduces series for us which includes key album tracks, singles and the debut of their brand new single - all for $5. If you're a fan of Pink Floyd's earlier spacy material you should definitely check this out.

Edinburgh's Green Tambourine Band also grace us with the release of their debut album - essential listening for lovers of "Revolver" and early Arthur Lee / Love material. 


From: Brooklyn, New York
Style: Psychedelic / Progressive Space Rock / U.K Psych-Pop
Recommended if you like: Pink Floyd, Kaleidoscope, Donovan

Listen / buy here.

Brooklyn based psychedelic rock three piece Sky Picnic have spent the last five years perfecting the balance between concise, melodic songcraft (with a distinctive U.K psych-pop influence), and a more exploratory, spontaneous spirit that fuses the fearlessness of the best psychedelic voyagers with the precision of vintage progressive rock.

The Active Listener is very proud to introduce you to one of our most cherished favourites with this specially compiled entry in the Active Listener Introduces series.

Featuring the best work from their two stunning Nasoni LPs "Farther In This Fairytale" and "Paint Me A Dream" as well as rarities and a brand new single from their forthcoming third album, this is the ideal starting point for this essential act.


From: Edinburgh, Scotland
Style: Melodic Psychedelic Pop/Folk-Rock / Jangle
Recommended if you like: The Beatles, Arthur Lee, Love

Listen / buy here.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, longtime friends Jack, Liam and Murray first came together musically over five years ago, and officially became known as the Green Tambourine Band in 2012, with another old friend Ross joining in 2013 to comprise the full line up.

Using vintage analogue gear, the creation of their debut full length has been an unhurried process that has allowed these melodically endowed psychedelic gems to reach their fullest potential before being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Each half of the album is based around a different suite of songs, with the first "...Let Yourself Be" side encouraging the purity of living life in the moment via a set of concisely executed garage/psych folk-rock gems with the jangle of early Love and the melodic clout of "Revolver" era Beatles.

The second "Aum" side on the other hand represents the beginning of the universe, the world now, and the destruction and rebirth of a funky new world in its three interconnected parts.

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