7 Mar 2015

Nine Questions with Emily Jones

Nine Questions is a new regular feature on the Active Listener, where we ask our favourite artists nine simple questions and get all sorts of answers....

Today.... Emily Jones.

What was the first record you bought?
Half Man Half Biscuit - The Trumpton Riots.

What was the last record you bought? 
7shades - Seven Shades (of Shit). 

What's one thing about you that very few people know? 
You want me to tell you about THAT, don't you? But I can't tell anyone about THAT, it's a secret...if I were to tell you about THAT, I'd get into terrible trouble...

If you could record with any one artist who would it be and why? 
Just choosing only one is very difficult. At this moment then, Ray Davies. That ought to be self explanatory.

Who should we be listening to right now? 
Cardiacs. You should always be listening to Cardiacs.

Vinyl, CD or digital? 

Tell us about your latest release. 
Autumn Eye - an album of autumn things. There's all kinds of stuff inside it - storms and shadows, marshes and mountains, leaves and creatures, frost and dust, golden sunlight and cold moonlight...you know, that sort of stuff.

What's next for you, musically? 
Lots of things with Angeline Morrison (together we are (imaginatively) titled Emily and Angeline), including an album and festival gigs. A sequel to The Book of the Lost, with The Rowan Amber Mill. An EP collaboration with Kemper Norton. Another solo album later this year (hopefully to be released on Ignatia Recordings).

What's for dinner? 
Vegetable burrito.


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  1. Always the Cardiacs, absolutely agree with you Emily. I will now go and play Big Ship.