9 Mar 2015

Nine Questions with Children of Leir

Nine Questions is a new regular feature on the Active Listener, where we ask our favourite artists nine simple questions and get all sorts of answers....

Today.... Gregg Hunt from Children of Leir.

What was the first record you bought?
I can't remember, it was 40 odd years ago!

What was the last record you bought?
Axe Music, legendary ultra rare private press folk/psych, a bit crap unfortunately, and Muzik von Harmonia, which is ace!

What's one thing about you that very few people know?
I am allergic to vegetables.

If you could record with any one artist who would it be and why?
We're gonna be collaborating live with Hypnobeat, and I reckon the combination of three 808's, a 707, two 303's, a heavy dose of haunting Korg synthesizer and a wall of wailing guitar feedback is gonna sound fucking great!

Who should we be listening to right now?
FUZZ, I know it's a couple of years old but that's what's going on here right now

Vinyl, CD or digital?

Tell us about your latest release.
It's an album, and there's a 12" to come in a couple of months.

What's next for you, musically?
More gigs like the other night at the Sebright Arms in London, great venue, great promoters, great soundman, great crowd, and One Unique Signal, don't get better than that!

What's for dinner?
Oysters with Chablis followed by Steak Tartare washed down with a bottle of Red Bollinger, I wish! Cheese on toast it is.

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