10 Mar 2015

Haunted Leather "Gone So Long"

Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

This Michigan psych collective (previously reviewed here & here in these pages) specialise in chilled out psych with the requisite organ and wall of guitars (three guitars, no less) and throbbing bass lines. Think Brian Jonestown Massacre to get you started, but let it take off from there.

“Wastin’ Time” is an obvious standout, percolating along with a groovy psych vibe. Singer Jack is slightly flat and not quite in tune, but his voice suits this music perfectly. It’s kind of like everything is slightly out of focus, like you’re in the middle of a dream state. “Beyond the Wall” is more edgy, with some intricate musical passages, and “Corners of My Mind” rolls out at a stoned, glacial place, inviting the listener to flop down and immerse themselves in the music (any dancing will be in slow motion). Album closer “You Get Lost” has a bit of classic Black Sun Ensemble styling, throwing the listener far out in the desert, the music shimmering like a mirage before sucking you in like quicksand.

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